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Buy Slovakian driver’s license Na predaj slovenský vodičský preukaz Drivers license in Slovakia

Buy Slovakian driver’s license Na predaj slovenský vodičský preukaz , Drivers license in Slovakia

errari- How to Get an Italian Driver’s License


Ultimately, I learned how to navigate the draconian driver’s license system in Italy. This blog post from another American living in Italy recounts in great detail just how draconian this process can be, also how un-standardized. Though these are the steps I took, other expats have been able to talk their way out of the classes and driving practice and complete the process in a much shorter span of time.

Redoing a process that I completed as a teenager was a bit humbling, but the result means I can drive in Italy with no fear or worry of retribution. I know expats who have been here their entire life without an Italian driver’s license, but I wanted to do things right. This is my home now, it doesn’t make sense to live as if it weren’t. Slovakian driver’s license for sale

Especially considering how quickly I adopted the Italian’s “sporty” driving style!


After only four months in Italy I had successfully navigated the labyrinth system to get a permit of stay, taking what seems like dozens of passport photos, paying for dozens of marche di bollo, the required stamp (with newly raised prices!) and visiting multiple different bureaucratic offices; I’d also found an apartment, applied for residency, gotten married and started paying taxes. It was a lot, and I was ready to be done with my “settling down” phase and simply be settled.Then, I found out I had to retake my driver’s license tests as well.segnali-stradaliUnited States citizens can legally drive on their US license in Italy for up to a year.