Did you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card? Here’s how to replace it

vaccination card template ,cdc vaccine card , cdc vaccination card for sale , Treat it like gold: Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card may prove essential one day, for flying, enrolling at a university, entering a foreign country or re-entering your workplace.

Cdc card cdc vaccine card vaccination card template

Cdc card cdc vaccine card vaccination card template vaccination cards for sale

If you lose the card, you may have to make a few phone calls or return to your vaccination site to request a new one, and even then you may get a different kind of proof, such as a printout instead of a card. Most sites get only one card for each dose to discourage fraud. And there’s no website to log in to or app to download for a card replacement, at the moment at least.

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What’s on the little white card

Health officials took a low-tech approach to creating the little white COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, with its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo and a written warning to “Please keep this record card.” The cards are filled out, usually by hand, with your name, birthdate, dates of shots, location, brand and lot number of your doses.

The information is sent to a statewide database not accessible to COVID vaccine recipients. Samantha Bequer, a spokeswoman for the state Division of Emergency Management, said the details that are on the cards are stored in Florida SHOTS (State Health Online Tracking System), a database available to health care professionals formerly used to track young children who need proof of vaccinations to attend school.

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