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How to get a driving license in Australia?

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Sleep all the below requriments ,

You don’t have to wait to get your driving license until you have moved to Canada. Note that Canadian road authorities have recognized Australian driving licenses for conversion to Canadian licenses. If you have reached the legal driving age in Australia, get your license and feel the power of mobility.
Here is the whole process of getting licensed in Australia.

Submit the Documents

The first step of the process is getting a learner’s license. You can only get your learner’s permit after passing an online test about road safety. This test includes 30 multiple-choice questions and the passing score is at least 80% for this test.
This test will cost $700 USD and its re-takes will set you back by $16.90 for each attempt. You can take this test at 16 years of age for cars.
Other than passing this test, you need to get an eyesight test and a medical test to get your license. You can choose to get a log book along with it to record your driving lessons under supervision of a quality driving instructor.

Pass Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

After 10 months of holding your learner’s permit, you can take HPT if you are under 25. If you are older, take it as soon as you get your learner’s permit. This test includes 15 short video clips with common crash situations that you must identify. Note that passing the hazard perception test is a prerequisite to attempting your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA).

Pass Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)

You need to log at least 50 hours of instructional sessions in your log book or log app to graduate to PDA. As the name suggests, this test requires you to demonstrate your ability to safely drive a car while abiding by all the rules and regulations.
This test covers five areas of your vehicle’s technical information, following road rules, and driving. You need to arrive at the test center with a vehicle that matches the test category.
Passing this test will earn you your Red P or P1 driving license. Note that this license comes with limitations on your demerit points.

Red P or P1 Driving License

Red P and P1 licenses hold fewer demerit points. Note that if because of a violation of traffic rules, your demerit points reach zero, your license will be canceled and you will have to wait for three months before reapplying for it.
Additionally, you will have to maintain a blood alcohol level of zero while driving and you cannot pull trailers heavier than 250 kg.
New drivers need to hold this license for 1 year before applying for Green P or P2.

Green P or P2

After holding a P1 license for a whole year, you will graduate to a P2 license. This license will come with its own set of limitations and is applicable for the next six months.

Full License

After you have maintained some demerit points on your license for six months of Green P license, you can apply for and attain a full license.

Take Away

Getting a driving license in Australia includes passing a theory test, hazard perception test, and practical assessment. You will also have to complete at least 50 hours of supervised driving with a learner’s permit to proceed to a P1 license.