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Australia does not have a national identity card. Instead, various documents may be used or required to prove a person’s identity, whether for government or commercial purposes such as:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Starting a job with a new employer[1]
  • Obtaining social welfare
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Asserting identity with government agencies or companies
  • General purpose validation of identity when picking up goods etc.
  • At the request of police or security officers for legally valid purposes.
  • Asserting that one is a responsible adult (generally 18 years or over in Australia) to:
    • Access age restricted venues such as licensed premises, casinos, nightclubs or other gaming venues.
    • Purchase of alcohol, tobacco, knives or aerosol based spray paint.
    • For people who do not drive, the road authorities of the states and territories will issue a “photo card“, also called “proof of age card”, to people who do not have a driver’s licence.Other identity documents sometimes used include a passport, an official birth certificate, an official marriage certificate, cards issued by government agencies (typically Medicare card), some cards issued by commercial organisations (e.g., a debit or credit card), and utility accounts. Often, some combination of identity documents is required, such as an identity document linking a name, photograph and signature (typically photo-ID in the form of a driver licence or passport), evidence of operating in the community, and evidence of a current residential address.

      Proof of citizenship or right to work status on a visa may be required in some cases, such as when applying for a job.[1] In these cases separate photo identity may also be required.


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