How to Change Your Identity & Erase Bad Credit

How to Change Your Identity

How to Change Your Identity and Erase Bad Credit is a 56 page instruction manual which contains examples and step by step instructions on completing the process. You will learn how to counterfeit birth certificates and other documents in order to obtain legitimate ID, social security cards, driver licenses, etc. Written by James J. Doolin, who had three separate identities and provided new identities for illegal aliens from 1993-1997.

Part 2 –

If you have bad credit and are unable to rent an apartment, buy a car, or get a loan chances are this book can help you. Denise Scott explains how to falsify a ‘release letter’ from a collection agency so that you may send to the credit bureau showing that you have paid for any delinquent accounts or charge-offs which may appear on your credit report without you actually having to pay for the account. It takes about 30 days for the credit bureau to update your report once the information is received. Example release letters are included.

– Part 3 –
Discusses how to profit on the exchange of Canadian Travelers Cheques . 

How to Change Your Identity

The need for new identity has never been greater. 

Big Brother now works with hundreds of privately owned data bases that track and control millions of names in their files, specifically, your name.

Credit bureaus and other reporting services often victimize innocent people as they trade profitably in your “private” information. Identity theft has become an easy game for scammers, thanks to information brokers who gladly sell your records.

Big Brother adds to the abuse by demanding Social Security Numbers , now even on drivers licenses. A new federal law is set to require a “unique health identifier” for all health records. 

If this law is imposed, Americans will be forced to have a first-ever National ID.

We oppose this Nazi-minded effort to control records by an “i.D. Number.” We don’t believe Americans want to be “numbered” by any government. And we certainly don’t want others, public or private, to “know all about us” with just a few keystrokes.

Our solution to these emerging problems is The Paper Trip III. The Paper Trip III is your guide to dealing with Big Brother and living the life you really want. The solution is creating Alternate Identity. The Paper Trip III reveals the many secrets of Alternate Identity and how it can help you:

  • Eliminate problems from negative records.
  • Avoid complications from other knowing too much about you.
  • Create secure, low profile privacy for yourself and your property.
  • Become “invisible” to investigators who want to sue you.
  • Start life over — safely — with new friends, somewhere else