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British Passport Online


With security growing tighter at airports and ports of entry all over the world, having a passport is the best way to travel quickly and confidently, no matter where you plan ongoing. Passports are becoming a necessity where they never were before as border security increases, so if you’re planning to travel over the holidays, you will need a passport, especially if you plan to leave the country. Many people aren’t sure what they need to attain a passport or even where they should begin, but in reality, it is not as difficult or as expensive as they might think.British Passport Online

British Passport Online

The first step in getting a passport is to fill out a passport application order page. You will need recent photos of yourself, plus your identity data and biometric passport details(height, weight, color eyes), a valid address, and a method of payment. In most cases, you must fill in your form and send an email to confirm it by our manager. Once all of your details are accepted, you can make your payment.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to obtain your passport. The process can take anywhere from 5 to 14 days, depending on the turnaround time of the office. There is nothing worse than planning a vacation overseas and then discovering that you don’t have the proper documentation to travel, so make sure that you have all the time to obtain a passport before you leave your country. British Passport Online

 Why Europe?

Europe has long been attracting wealthy foreigners with its high living standards, economic freedom, and numerous opportunities for employment, successful business, and excellent education. However, to fully benefit from these and more, you must get a European passport.

What is a European passport?

A European passport would normally mean a passport of an EU national. This document gives the right to live, work and study in any country of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

European citizenship is also handy for traveling, as many countries worldwide are happy to welcome European nationals without a visa. A European passport is an excellent solution to start or expand business in Europe or/and establish business contacts around the world.

There are many ways to get an EU passport, but the most efficient one is through one of the special  European residences by investment programs whereby you obtain a residence permit and then apply for permanent residency and European citizenship.

If you do not want to live 5 to 12 years in a country to get naturalized, citizenship by investment programs offered by some European jurisdictions is your fast-track answer. British Passport Online

Benefits of a European passport

It will take several pages to enumerate every advantage of becoming a European citizen, therefore we will limit ourselves to the most important ones.

Rights of EU nationals

Europeans can:

  • Travel in the EU without limitations.
  • Live in any EU state without restrictions.
  • Work or run a business in any EU country.
  • Study in the best universities across Europe.
  • Access same social benefits and healthcare services as other European nationals. You can retire in an EU country of your choice. British Passport Online
  • British Passport Online

Visa-free travel

Passport of the European Union is your solution to entering in average 180 countries of the world. For some of them you don’t need a visa while others offer a visa on arrival.

How many countries you can go to without a visa depends on which country you choose to apply for second nationality. There are many passport ratings being updated each year to reflect worldwide mobility. We have selected for you European countries that offer investment schemes*. British Passport Online

Passport   Countries to visit** Rating
Spain 188 4
Austria 187 5
Portugal 186 6
Belgium 185 7
United Kingdom 185 7
Switzerland 185 7
Greece 184 8
Malta 184 8
Latvia 180 12
Cyprus 174 15
Montenegro 124 45

* This rating is valid for the first quarter of 2021.
** Number of countries where you can travel without a visa or get a visa on arrival. British Passport Online